Samuel Kiehoon Lee

Samuel Kiehoon Lee is a Korean-Canadian award winning filmmaker, whose shorts have shown at numerous film festivals around the world. Lee has written several feature length scripts, and produced many short film projects garnering a variety of grants and prizes.

Born in Barrie, Ontario and raised in Toronto, Lee received his basic artistic foundations attending Earl Haig secondary school – Canada's equivalent to Juliard. There he was exposed to photography, drama and dance and gained an incredible amount of artistic training. He went on to receive a bachelors of arts in Film Studies at Queen's University.

Much of Lee's work explores the personal confusion he has felt by being a first generation Korean immigrant looking for a space in which to exist. In 2006, Lee traveled to Seoul, Korea to work on a film set. There he noticed that although he was amongst people who looked like him, from a cultural standpoint he was still very much the outsider. Lee's oeuvre consists of a wide range of genres from experimental to documentary to conventional drama. All of his work investigates the drive to exist as an outsider amongst an opposing culture.

After the production in Korea, Lee stayed in Seoul to research and write the feature length script Pleonastic with a screenwriting grant from the Canada Council. Pleonastic has taken Lee around the world including the 2008 Circle conference in Abu Dhabi, the Film Independent Director's Lab in Los Angeles, and the Korean Film Council's 2007 Filmmaker Development Lab. His script was pitched at the Toronto International Film Festival, the New York IFP and Pusan International Film Festival.

In 2009, Lee produced
Flipping, his first project to be shot in Seoul. Since 2006, Lee has been dividing his time between Toronto and Seoul. He has recently finished writing another feature length screenplay titled Wild Goose Daddy, and is currently preparing to shoot another short film titled Chump.

Artist Code: 483



2009, 25:00 minutes, colour, English and Korean with English subtitles


2005, 15:49 minutes, colour, English

5 x 90: the wake

2005, 10:45 minutes, colour, Korean/English

How to make Kimchi according to my Kun~Umma

2002, 18:00 minutes, colour, Korean/English