Paige Gratland

Paige Gratland studied film production at Ryerson University. Her experimental work has screened at The Images Festival (Toronto), The Anthology Film Archive (NYC) and Inside Out Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Toronto.) Deana McGuffin:BootWmn is her first documentary film.

Artist Code: 734


Magic in Plain Sight

2022, 11:45 minutes, colour, English with English subtitles


2015, 11:00 minutes, colour, English


2004, 00:30 minutes, Colour, English

Four Walls

2003, 05:30 minutes, Colour, English

The Shoe Squishing Food Project

2003, 04:00 minutes, Colour


2003, 02:00 minutes, Colour, English

Free Dance Lessons (installation version)

2003, 20:00 minutes, Colour

Free Dance Lessons (single channel version)

2003, 04:00 minutes, Colour

Critical Writing

Dance to the Music of Spontaneous Fun
by Samantha Grice. The National Post, July 31, 2004.
Tranz<->Tech Toronto International Media Art Biennal 2003
by Dara Gellman. Toronto: Vtape, 2003.