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Trinity Square Video & Vtape present Video Fever!

Beginning Sept. 18, the 2021 Video Fever Showcase includes works by James P. Hoban, Kalina Nedelcheva, Christina Oyawale, Weibin Wang, Gustav Bulzgis, Evgenia Mikhaylova, Sadaf Khajeh, Jean-Pierre Marchant, Racquel Rowe, Liam Mullen, Hanna Peters, and Noah Hanyue Qin 

ADEN SOLWAY: The Researcher Is Present

 We are pleased to announce that Aden Solway is the recipient of the 2022 The Researcher Is Present position. This will allow full support for his research project through the videos and printed material at Vtape throughout the first months of 2022, culminating in a project. 


Vtape Video Play is a personal invitation to a series that features leading artists from different generations and cultural perspectives, who are among the most important artists working in video and digital imagery today. All of the titles represented have been closed-captioned for accessibility.