Francisco Huichaqueo

2011, 32:33 minutes, colour, Mapudungun and Spanish with English Subtitles

TAPECODE 1038.08

In the journey of the soul, the pewma or dream, the subject is in permanent contact with numinous forces, with all that exists on earth, but also beyond it. The transition between sleep and wakefulness takes place everyday, and the dream world is so vital that, for example the leader Manuel Aburto Panguilef, in the 30s, last century conceived a great ethnic movement where the contents of his dreams, almost prophetic, revealed the strategies to be, and the ways to be followed.

Likewise, following the meanings of dreams, Mencer takes form. During pewma, images, feelings, and characters start to appear as well as their own ways of interaction. Thus, in the process it becomes a tribute to the Mapuche weichafes killed during this long process of vindication of their rights and territories. The interpretation of the images as appeared in dreams result in a set of tableaux, poetic but bleak, woven with the logic of dreams and where its main character is immaterial, ever present but invisible. This character is Mencer, indentified as the spirit of sadness in one of these dreams, and throughout this work we perceive its presence, sometimes underlying, subliminal, becoming a mirror od the plight of the Mapuche nation that continues unabated until today.

Dedicated to political prisoners: Huenuche, Llaitul, Huillical and Llanquileo.

And in memory of: Suarez Marihuan, Lemun Saavedra, Huentecura Llancaleo, Diaz Necul, Collihuin Catril, Catrileo Quezada, Cariqueo Yanez and Mendoza Collio.

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