Sisters, 2 channel installation

nichola feldman-kiss and naakita f.k

2014, 09:40 minutes, colour, No Dialogue

TAPECODE 1037.07

three narrow flights up to a wood frame garret, the noisy public of the riad below gives way to rhythmic thrumming and knocking of a single wood frame loom. two silent Sisters sit side by side on two bare blocks –neither older than 20. one knot per heartbeat, another per breath, a four-handed quadrille. with the shopkeeper’s grace, i returned twice, presumably to record, but as much to see labour’s eternity in an hour performed –a refuge from the sensorial intensity of the 9th-century medina. the little Sister smiles and dreams as she dances to the percussive beat of hands on the warp yarns. lost in her thread count mantra, the big Sister doesn’t let down for the tourist with the camera. even after two afternoons cast as sales pitch performers, the Sisters didn't expect money. imprisoned to an exotic back story to trade by, they didn't ask for money. i gave them money. they asked for candy. we hugged, exchanged names and i left. i later returned with fancy branded western sweets bought in the souk. with a tender touch, a soft regard, a gracious bow, they gave me a gentle burden of gratitude. these women across the ocean and i, we are no less distant now than we were that afternoon in Fez.

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