Stories of Our Elders SEASON 1

Zacharias Kunuk and Kingulliit Productions

2016, 154:42 minutes, Colour, Inuktitut, English, French


For thousands of years they guided us through this world, teaching us invaluable lessons about life and death.

They strengthened our resolve and reinforced our connection to this land, to each other, and to the animals we share it with.

They enriched our souls, empowered our imaginations, and defined who we are as a people.

These are the stories of our elders.

EPISODE 1 - "Ptarmigan and Snow Bunting"
EPISODE 2 - "Kaukjakjuk"
EPISODE 3 - "The Troll Story"
EPISODE 4 - "The Man on the Moon"
EPISODE 5 - "The Child Taken by the Troll"
EPISODE 6 - "Bow and Arrow"
EPISODE 7 - "Caribou and the Polar Bear"
EPISODE 8 - "The Little Orphan Girl"
EPISODE 9 - "Kiviuyk and the Old Woman"
EPISODE 10 - "The Seagull who Married the Raven"
EPISODE 11 - "Anarteq, The Man who became a Fish"
EPISODE 12 - "The Woman and the Auvvik"
EPISODE 13 - "Atungakkuuk, The World Traveler"
EPISODE 14 - "Arnaaluk, The Giant Woman"
EPISODE 15 - "Mahaha, The Tickle Monster"
EPISODE 16 - "Lumaaq, The Woman who Tricked her Stepson"
EPISODE 17 - "Qimmikussualuk, The Giant Dog"
EPISODE 18 - "Tiggak, The Bear and the Snow Bunting"
EPISODE 19 - "Sedna, The Ruler of the Sea"
EPISODE 20 - "Imarasugssuaq, The Man who Ate his Wives"
EPISODE 21 - "Isigaligarssik, The Man Without a Wife"
EPISODE 22 - "Tungujuluk and Saunikoq, The Walrus and the Bear"
EPISODE 23 - "The Lonely Woman and the Polar Bears"
EPISODE 24 - "The Owls and the Rabbits"
EPISODE 25 - "The Raven and the Owl"
EPISODE 26 - "The Fox and the Rabbit"
EPISODE 27 - "The Owl and the Caribou"
EPISODE 28 - "The Man with the Long Hair"

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