Joshua Sandler

Joshua and Zakary Sandler are New York based artists who come from distinct creative backgrounds. Joshua studied photography and video, (Pratt MFA), and his brother Zak trained in experimental theater and modern performance, (MA University College Dublin). As teenagers, they began collaborating on photography projects. Their early works documented the fantasy, inhibition, and intimacy shared between family and close friends. As adults, Josh and Zak make videos that examine the line drawn between adolescent and adult behavior, and the dysfunction that often ensues when adults try to hold on to feelings of idealistic hope and youthful indiscretion. They aim to capture a general state of alienation, and the protective worlds people create in the midst of oppressive or tumultuous circumstances. Their work has been described as “dysfunctional family theatre”. They have had solo exhibitions internationally, most recently in Canada and Slovenia and are represented by Gallerywest in Toronto.


Brother's Beach Day

2014, 06:39 minutes, colour, English, w/ German subtitles

The Evan Trilogy

2010, 37:30 minutes, colour, English

The G-Rated Sex Tape

2010, 09:28 minutes, colour, English

Evan's Quest for Oprah

2010, 08:36 minutes, colour, English

Strawberries and Celery

2009, 16:24 minutes, colour, English

Baby Daddy

2009, 04:03 minutes, colour, English

Family Portrait

2009, 04:32 minutes, colour

Parental Expressions 1

2009, 04:47 minutes, colour

Family Conversation 1

2009, 04:39 minutes, colour, English

You're Gonna Go Bald

2008, 02:26 minutes, B&W, English

Zero Flexibility Vol. 1 (Jesse)

2008, 08:40 minutes

Matter of Trust

2008, 05:00 minutes


2008, 03:30 minutes

Mother and Lost Daughter

2008, 03:55 minutes

Sierra Blood Diaries Vol. 2

2008, 07:40 minutes

Untitled (edited performance 3)

2007, 07:00 minutes

Untitled (edited performance 2)

2007, 06:21 minutes

Untitled (edited performance 1)

2006, 08:30 minutes

Sierra Blood Diaries Vol. 1

2005, 06:15 minutes