Lisa Smolkin

Lisa Smolkin is an artist living in Tkaronto/Toronto. Her art practice comprises performance, video, and installation, exploring themes of selfhood and hierarchies by incorporating elements from popular culture and healing traditions within humorous narrative structures. She was a frequent performer at Doored, a performance art/conceptual comedy show put on by Life of a Craphead and has performed at The Art Gallery of Ontario and The Banff Centre as well as having work featured in C Magazine and Canadian Art Magazine. In 2020, Lisa was a winner of the Emerging Digital Artists Award.

Artist Code: 2147



2022, 18:30 minutes, English

Spiritually Held

2022, 20:40 minutes, colour, English

Life Success Formula

2020, 02:37 minutes, colour, English with subtitles in English

Life's Lil Bitch

2019, 16:05 minutes, colour, English

I Was Born to Flex

2019, 04:09 minutes, colour, English

I'm Poorly

2018, 06:32 minutes, colour, English

Is there Room for the Meek?

2018, 09:42 minutes, colour, English

Yes And

2017, 05:34 minutes, colour, English

Beyond Reproach

2017, 11:58 minutes, colour, English

Being Spiritually Intact

2016, 06:28 minutes, colour, English


2016, 08:35 minutes, colour, English

Are you apart of things?

2016, 05:44 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing