Craig Berggold

Media artist Craig Berggold strives to combine social justice activism with a contemporary art practice. Currently, Craig is a PhD student in Cultural Studies and President of PSAC Local 901 representing Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows and Postdoctoral Scholars at Queen’s University. At Simon Fraser University’s Special Collections Library he is the lead researcher for The Canadian Farmworkers Union Archive Project.

Artist Code: 240


Fresh Talk: Youth & Sexuality

1991, 85:00 minutes, colour, English

Mayworks: Festival Of Culture And Working Life

1989, 12:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English

Up To Scratch

1986, 05:30 minutes

Critical Writing

Video Ignition: Creative Resistance to Corporate Globalization
Video Ignition, 2002. Vancouver: Video In, 2002.
by Teresa Marshall and Craig Berggold. OUR TIME: INDEPENDENT CANADIAN LABOUR MAGAZINE, May Spring 1989, v. 8, no. 3.