Christa Schadt

Christa Schadt has directed and edited video professionally for over 18 years. Recently she was nominated for two 1998 Gemini awards for best directing and best editing. She is best at the original and creative use of images, which was recognized most recently by the New York festivals, where the film ' The Dancing Game' , which she directed and edited won a bronze world medal. Her work has been featured throughout the world, including the ' Women in Film Festival' in Hollywood, the ' Cologne Art Fair' , the' Fodor Museum' in Amsterdam, the Electronic Image Conference' in Bologna, the Institute Unzeit' in Berlin, the 'Ivan Centre' in Valencia Spain, LVA in London england and the ' Festival of Festivals' in Toronto. Christa is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art's Film and Video Department.

oc98-dec98 White Pine Productions
on a segment of Scattering of Seeds' a series for the history Channel about the history of multiculturalism in Canada
Au 98- Oct98 Breakthrough Films
on ' Quest to Save the Leatherback Sea Turtle' a pilot for a series for Discovery Canada about the decline of the bounties of the ocean.
Sept 98- Mar 98 Goldi Productions
on ' Outdoor Adventure Canada' a documentary series for Life Network about a range of Canadian outdoor acitvites anyone can take pat in . One of the Programs received a ' Sliver Medal ' at the 1998 Houston Film Festival and a ' Third Place Award ' at the 31st US international Film festival and Video Festival in Chicago
Apr 96 - Feb 97 Associated Producers
Director and Editor
on 'The Dancing Game' a documentary on ballroom dancing's bid to get into the olympics which screened on CBC's ' Witness' in February 1997. ' The Dancing game' has recieved a ' Bronze World Medal" at the New Your Festivals and a Certificate for Creative Excellence at the US International Film Festival and Video Festival .

Artist Code: 249


You Will Never 'Know' it, Only Feel It

1993, 24:00 minutes, colour, English

What Television Teaches

1989, 14:00 minutes, colour, English

One Man's Illusion Is Another Man's Truth

1985, 14:00 minutes, colour, English

Thoughts That Breathe Through Birds of Passage

1984, 09:00 minutes, colour, English

And Now This

1983, 08:00 minutes, English

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