Philip Jonlin Lee

Philip Jonlin Lee is based in Toronto, Canada and London, UK. He is a graduate of the Goldsmiths College Fine Art programme (2004) where he completed his M.A. He completed his undergraduate studies in 2001 at the University of Toronto with a specialist in Visual Studies and a major in Fine Art History. Before moving to London, Phil was awarded Vtape’s emerging artist award in 2001. He is a founder and active member of the Toronto-based video collective 640 480. His previous video projects have involved animations as well as live-action literary narratives - often regarded as confessionals. Other works concern issues regarding traumas, dislocation and memory / fiction. In addition, Phil works in film projects addressing similar themes and is also a writer of creative narrative and prose. Phil is currently living and working in London, UK.

Artist Code: 203


Lilliputian Seconds

2007, 06:12 minutes, colour, English

Rose-Tinted Glass Meets Revisionist History

2007, 03:16 minutes, colour, English


2006, 05:10 minutes, colour, English

Long Ride Home

2004, 09:02 minutes, Colour, English

Brisk Summer Breeze

2004, 06:35 minutes, colour, English


2004, 05:00 minutes, Colour, English


2003, 03:10 minutes, Colour, English

Distance: Where to Position Yourself

2001, 03:45 minutes, colour, English

Home Coming

1999, 08:30 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

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