Elizabeth Fearon

Elizabeth Fearon was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1970. Her formal art education has included a BFA from York University (1995) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Post Production from Humber College (2002). Fearon’s work has been realized through many media over the years, most recently through video, multiples, and installation. Conceptually, Fearon is very interested in the role of the individual as a member of society.

Her work has been shown in many galleries and festivals, including A Space (Toronto, Canada), The Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul, South Korea), MOT Gallery (London, England), Video Pool (Winnipeg, Canada), The Natural Light Window (Toronto, Canada), and 25hrs (Barcelona, Spain).

Fearon has also spoken publicly about her work in a variety of venues, including The Alberta College of Art and Design, BUS Gallery, and Vtape.

Through both professional and personal experiences, Fearon hopes to continue her exploration of the things that make us unique spirits in a complex, confusing world.

Artist Code: 170


For Life

2013, 02:47 minutes, Colour, No language


2012, 01:20 minutes, colour

I Looked

2010, 01:04 minutes, colour, none


2009, 01:00 minutes, colour


2006, 01:57 minutes, colour, English

You let me use your body for 23 years

2006, 09:44 minutes, colour, English


2005, 14:00 minutes

Body Dam

2005, 03:25 minutes, colour

redressing old wounds

2005, 03:00 minutes, colour


2004, 03:00 minutes, colour, english


2002, 28:00 minutes, colour, english

turn the light out

2002, 02:00 minutes, B & W, English


2002, 02:40 minutes, colour, n/a


2001, 07:35 minutes, colour


1999, 04:40 minutes, colour

Snow Angels

1998, 01:30 minutes, colour

Critical Writing

Artists take their works to people-friendly mall
by Maryam Sanati. The Globe and Mail, Oct. 12, 1998.