A Space 25th Anniversary Project

Missing Associates, Lily Eng and Peter Dudar

1996, 20:47 minutes, 1996, No language

TAPECODE 1068.18

This excerpt from a 1996 performance consists of three pieces reprised by Lily Eng that date back to her Missing Associates partnership.

In Between/Corner To Corner (first performed in 1976) is part of a series exploring surfaces. In Between/Corner To Corner examines with body tactility, the walls, floor, corners, and transitions back to the walls. The scope of the work is expressed in the title.

Hitting It Sideways (first performed in 1975) is another in the series of explorations of surfaces. As the title of the work implies, the performer is “hitting it sideways”; in this case, horizontally on the floor. The performer is seen gyrating on the floor with a lot of twisting motions. Eng rhythmically and percussively thumps her hands on the floor while performing various slithering movements.

Withheld (first performed in 1975) is Lily Eng’s magnum opus. The importance of this highly virtuosic endurance work derives from her studies in kung fu kinesthetics, and the desire to explore “violent” movement. While the upper body is quite active, the solid grounding of the pelvis and sacrum provide a counterbalance. The upper body’s active mobility offers opportunities for a sensual response from the shoulders, forearms, wrists, and hands to execute finely nuanced articulations. The body, in concert with the percussive music, becomes another fined tuned and complementary instrument of expression. Lily’s subsequent compositional and performance practice drew at length from this profoundly influential piece.

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