Peter Dudar

Peter Dudar created the performance art partnership Missing Associates in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Lily Eng in 1972. Eng and Dudar’s partnership produced a deep hybrid of conceptual art, innovative dance and experimental film/video. Missing Associates were prime movers of the first wave of Toronto performance art and experimental dance in the 1970s. They showed coast to coast in North America. And at a time when Europe was split by a physical and cultural “iron curtain”, Missing Associates showed in venues on both sides of that divide, establishing a vital, ongoing presence for Canadian performance art within the international scene.

Peter Dudar's new feature film: Bruce Eves In Polari is available through Bruce Eves sometimes worked with Missing Associates in the 1970s, and showed in many of the same venues in North America and Europe. The film includes shots of Bruce Eves participating in Peter Dudar’s Crash Points. And Bruce videotaped the footage of Lily Eng at Joseph Beuys Free International University, Documenta 6, which also appears in Bruce Eves In Polari.

Peter Dudar’s videos uniquely integrate performance art, experimental video, and documentary. The range of his work is evidenced by the diverse venues in which he has screened since the mid-1970s, including: National Gallery of Canada; Toronto International Film Festival; The Power Plant, Toronto; Art Gallery of Ontario; Canadian Film Institute; Grierson Documentary Seminar; Cinémathèque Québecois, Montreal; Le Cinema Parallèle, Montreal; Western Front, Vancouver; American Film Festival, New York; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Artists Space, New York; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Caracas; Canada House, London; Internationaler Kunstmarkt, Düsseldorf; Studio 16/E, Gruppo di Ricerca Materialistica, Turin; Centro Experimenta, Naples; Centar Za Multimedijalna Istrazivanja SCi, Zagreb; Galerija Kulturni Centar, Belgrade; Art Forum, Lodz, Poland; Collective for Living Cinema, New York; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Tate Gallery, London; The Funnel, Toronto; Athens International Film Festival; Uppsala Film Festival; Galerie Nächst St. Stephan, Vienna; London Filmmakers Coop; TVOntario; PBS Television, USA; Counterpath, Denver; Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival; International Film Festival Rotterdam; Oberhausen International Short Film Festival; Images Festival, Toronto; Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


A Space 25th Anniversary Project

1996, 20:47 minutes, 1996, No language


1985, 05:35 minutes, Colour, No language


1982, 16:18 minutes, Colour, English

Dance of Terror

1978, 08:15 minutes, Colour, No language

Penetrated M+F

1977, 12:45 minutes, Colour, No language

Lily Eng, Solo Improvisation, Documenta 6

1977, 12:27 minutes, B&W, No language

Crash Points 2

1977, 10:26 minutes, B&W, No language

Crash Points 3

1976, 10:55 minutes, B&W, No language

Crash Points 1

1976, 19:01 minutes, B&W, No language

Spreading the Space Thinly

1976, 15:01 minutes, Colour, No language

Spreading the Space Thinly

1976, 15:01 minutes, Colour, No language

Wall To Floor Exercise

1975, 18:06 minutes, B&W, No language


1975, 24:38 minutes, B&W, No language

Running In O&R

1975, 21:00 minutes, B&W, No language

Hitting It Sideways

1975, 10:24 minutes, B&W, No language

Walking Away 2

1974, 05:05 minutes, Colour, Silent

Establishing Equal Grounds for Mutual Support

1974, 03:46 minutes, Colour and B&W, English

Constant and Repeating Elements/Random or Changing Elements

1974, 04:57 minutes, Colour and B&W, English

I Already Said That

1974, 13:02 minutes, B&W, English

Critical Writing

Initial Response
by John Greyson. Centerfold, June 1979, v. 3, no. 5.