Lily Eng

After Missing Associates, Lily Eng’s subsequent solo career included Dartington Dance Festival and Canada House, England; Asian Video Art New World and Documentary, Vancouver; Danceworks Toronto-Montreal Dance Exchange; Tangente Festival International de Nouvelle Danse, Montreal. The Globe and Mail declared her 1996 retrospective performance at A Space (included with this collection) one of the Top 10 Performances of the Year. Eng was the Canadian Spotlight Artist at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival in 2011.


A Space 25th Anniversary Project

1996, 20:47 minutes, 1996, No language


1985, 05:35 minutes, Colour, No language


1982, 16:18 minutes, Colour, English

Dance of Terror

1978, 08:15 minutes, Colour, No language

Penetrated M+F

1977, 12:45 minutes, Colour, No language

Lily Eng, Solo Improvisation, Documenta 6

1977, 12:27 minutes, B&W, No language

Crash Points 2

1977, 10:26 minutes, B&W, No language

Crash Points 3

1976, 10:55 minutes, B&W, No language

Crash Points 1

1976, 19:01 minutes, B&W, No language

Spreading the Space Thinly

1976, 15:01 minutes, Colour, No language

Spreading the Space Thinly

1976, 15:01 minutes, Colour, No language

Wall To Floor Exercise

1975, 18:06 minutes, B&W, No language


1975, 24:38 minutes, B&W, No language

Running In O&R

1975, 21:00 minutes, B&W, No language

Hitting It Sideways

1975, 10:24 minutes, B&W, No language

Walking Away 2

1974, 05:05 minutes, Colour, Silent

Establishing Equal Grounds for Mutual Support

1974, 03:46 minutes, Colour and B&W, English

Constant and Repeating Elements/Random or Changing Elements

1974, 04:57 minutes, Colour and B&W, English

I Already Said That

1974, 13:02 minutes, B&W, English

Critical Writing

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