JC is a filmmaker, curator, writer, musician and archivist. They have produced, directed and edited over 40 short films and videos, as well as two ‘underground’ features.
Much of their work is found footage based. Culp maintains a large archive of 16mm and Super 8 films; an ongoing series of multiscreen analog installations reimagine some of these materials.

JC has written about film for many publications including Now Magazine, POV, Broken Pencil and Their web site is



2019, 00:00 minutes, B&W, English

I Regret

2018, 07:29 minutes, colour, English

Projections (compilation)

2016, 120:00 minutes, colour, English

It Can Happen Here (compilation)

2016, 112:00 minutes, colour, English

How Does It Work? (compilation)

2016, 92:57 minutes, colour / b&w, English

A New Place to Dwell

2015, 53:00 minutes, colour, No language

Taking Shelter

2014, 83:18 minutes, colour, English

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (compilation)

2006, 89:49 minutes, colour, English