Yudi Sewraj

Yudi Sewraj was born in Georgetown, Guyana, and has lived in Canada since 1975. He currently resides in Montreal, which he has called home since 1993. Between 1992 and 2002 he has developed a body of short experimental videos. His work has explored ideas of “authenticity" and the particular relationship between the camera and the subject. His recent work uses installation as a means of generating both content and structure for his single channel work. Two installations completed during his MFA at the University of California (2005), San Diego employ this approach: Monologue Table - Rehearsal for an Apology (2003) and A Cold Night in February (2005). His most recent work “Salon” (2007) was presented at Articule gallery in Montréal. He teaches filmmaking and media studies at John Abbott College.

Artist Code: 322


A Cold Night in February

2006, 13:00 minutes, colour

The Weight of the Sun and the Moon

2001, 03:00 minutes, colour, english

Apartment Theory

2001, 06:30 minutes, colour, English


2000, 02:30 minutes, colour

The Middle Distance

2000, 09:10 minutes, colour, English


1998, 02:30 minutes, colour

A Box of His Own

1997, 20:00 minutes, colour

Hybrid Creatures

1993, 15:00 minutes, colour

Six Videos

1992, 30:00 minutes, colour

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