Andy Fabo

Michael Balser, born in 1952 and Andy Fabo born in 1953, have been producing work collaboratively since 1987. Michael Balser is a performance and video artist who has been active in the Toronto video community as a producer, curator, and lecturer since the early 1980's. His videotapes have been included in festival and museum screenings internationally. Andy Fabo works primarily as a visual artist. He studied fine arts at the Alberta College of Art and at the University of Calgary. He is a founding member of the artist collective ChromaZone and is also active as a curator and lecturer. His drawings, installations and bookworks have been critically acclaimed and widely exhibited in Canada and abroad. In recent years, Fabo and Balser have focused upon issues of AIDS and sexuality in both their collaborative and individual work. In 1989, their Survival of the Delirious, won First Prize, New Narratives, at the 1989 Atlanta Film & Video Festival. Collaborative videography includes Beyond the Helms of the Sensors (1992), Blood Risk (1989), Survival of the Delirious (1988), Pogo-Stick Porno Romp (1987). Balser's videography includes High Risk Safe Sex (1992), Total Amnesia (1991), Incident at Faux-Rock (1991), Television is a Dream (1990), The Great AZT Debate (1990), Fear of Everything in the Universe (1987), Found Not Lost (1987), Astroturf (I - IV) (1987), Jerungdu (1986), One Big Change (1985), How do They Make it Rain in the Movies (1984).

Artist Code: 831


Beyond The Helms Of The Sensors

1992, 30:00 minutes, colour, English

Blood Risk

1989, 22:00 minutes, colour, English

Survival of the Delirious

1988, 15:00 minutes, colour, English

Pogo Stick Porno Romp

1987, 09:00 minutes, colour, English

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