Lezli Rubin-Kunda

Lezli Rubin-Kunda was born in Toronto, Canada in 1954 and currently lives in Israel. She completed her B.A. in Interdisciplinary studies from University of Toronto and M.F.A. from Museum School/Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts. Lezli has taught at different colleges in the U.S. and Israel. For the last 10 years she has been a senior lecturer in the Architecture Department, Technion University, Haifa, Israel (basic and advanced multi-disciplinary courses, drawing, environmental art).

A Canadian/Israeli multidisciplinary artist, Lezli creates site-specific, performance-based projects that use live action to explore the different dimensions of urban and natural locations. The works occur over periods of time extending from 15 minutes to several months and occur both in the framework of festivals, residencies, exhibitions, as well as private initiatives in spaces of personal importance.

Projects, performances, screenings and exhibitions include-
'Contemporary Ritual' series, The Western Front, Vancouver, Canada; Binaural Artists' Residency, Nodar, Portugal; Collision06 Inter-arts Symposium, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada; Artists' Foundation Gallery, Girona, Spain; The Lab, San Francisco, California; Ebent Performance Festival, Barcelona; Museum of Ein Harod, Kibbutz Ein Harod, Israel; Blurrr Performance Biennial, Kibbutz Nachshon, Israel; Heara 4,5,and 7, Jerusalem; City Site, San Francisco Art Commission, San Francisco, California.

Her recent projects have focused on book-based and drawing-based site works including -
Realms of Knowing – a site performance at Hart House, University of Toronto, with related exhibition at Fleishman gallery and OISE’s Centre for Women in Education, Topographical Readings at Ticho House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Upcoming works include site performance and installation for the Biennale of Drawing in Jerusalem, and a collaborative project with a sound artist at the Kentler International Drawing Centre in Brooklyn, NY. Her performance videos have been shown at many venues and festivals and she lectures on her work at different educational institutions both in Israel and abroad.

Artist Code: 115



2007, 15:40 minutes

Down to Earth

2006, 02:30 minutes

Donkey Walk

2006, 02:10 minutes

Seaweed Armour

2006, 02:00 minutes

Walking Abandoned Walls

2006, 01:30 minutes


2006, 09:45 minutes

The End of the World

2006, 01:12 minutes

Fields of Antennae

2005, 02:02 minutes

River Mandala

2005, 02:45 minutes

Night Swing

2005, 01:37 minutes

Backyard with Olive Grove

2005, 04:04 minutes

Daily Interactions

2004, 10:40 minutes