John Marriott

John Marriott lives and works in Toronto, Canada where he is active as a writer, curator, and artist working in video, installation, performance and urban interventions. His works have been seen in publications, exhibitions and screenings nationally and internationally. In 1996 his sculptural installations were presented in a solo exhibition at the Powerplant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. His videos have been screened at the Rotterdam International Festival of Film and Video 2003, and The Impakt Festival 2003, and 25hrs presented in Barcelona by The Video Art Foundation.
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Vomit Star

2010, 06:42 minutes, colour, English

So Much to Share

2007, 02:52 minutes, colour, English

The Roll of the Artist: An Adventure in Art

2004, 13:43 minutes, colour, English

Incidental Park Zones and You

2001, 06:00 minutes, colour, English

Where the cat's at

1999, 04:16 minutes, colour, Silent

Courtesy Moments: After You

1998, 03:42 minutes, colour, English

Art that says Hello

1997, 17:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Don't You Feel Better: Meesoo Lee Gets Uneven
by John Marriott. C Magazine, Summer 2005, no. 86.
Videos Ante up the Fear Factor: This year's video-art feast marks...
by Catherine Osborne. The National Post, Apr. 10, 2004.
Canadian Ugly
by John Marriott. Pleasure Dome presents Apotheoses of Everything, 2003.
John Marriott
by Lisa Gabrielle Mark. Artforum, Mar. 1998, v. 36, no. 7.
John Marriott
Beauty #2, 1995. Toronto: The Power Plant, 1995.