Valerie LeBlanc

Inter-disciplinary artist, writer and educator Valerie LeBlanc has presented throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia. Her creations travel between video poetry, fiction, performance, visual and written theory.

She was an Associate in the Media Arts, as well as an Artist in Residence in Visual Arts, Writing and in the Music Departments at the Banff Centre; Artist in Residence in Vallauris, France; Visiting Scholar, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, Australia, and more recently a Fellow at the Everglades National Park, Florida.

Valerie has been creating video poetry since the mid 1980’s and publishing on the Web since 1998. In 2011, she screened her video poem: The Renovation, during her presentation at the Ruins Conference, Senate House London, UK. In 2012, she published her play: The Raft, through Basic Bruegel Editions. Also in 2012, LeBlanc brought the MPB Street / Screen Encounter to Eyelevel Gallery’s World Portable Gallery Convention, Halifax, NS. Creating the MediaPackBoard (MPB) portable screening / performance apparatus in 2005, LeBlanc has used the device as impetus for events involving art centers and public audiences / participators. She has curated the work of other artists into the MPB events. Also in 2005, she was included in the CCCA’s Canadian Art Database, Concordia University. In 2009, she was included in the Fringe Online project, a co-presentation of V-tape and the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

In 2014, in collaboration with three other artists / writers and editor / curator Diana Sherlock, LeBlanc released the ePub: MPB-X. In 1998, she was commissioned by the December 6 Committee to create the sculpture Courage and Hope, to commemorate the (1989) Montréal Massacre. She worked with women and girls in NB communities. Gathering representative future aspirations from the participants, she carved them into glass. The work is on permanent display in Moncton City Hall.

From 2001 – 07, she was a Faculty Member in the Media Arts + Digital Technologies Department, The Alberta College of Art + Design. After beginning a Research PhD in the Visual Arts, University of Sydney, AU, Valerie returned to Canada in 2013.

In 2020, Videopoetry / Vidéopoésie, a major publication on the work of Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc ,was published by the Small Walker Press, Brock University:


Cultural Flotsam

2016, 02:00 minutes, colour, English

Monocultural Stutter

2015, 03:25 minutes, colour, English

The Web of Time and Memory

2014, 02:15 minutes, Colour, English


2013, 02:00 minutes, English or French

Missing Parade Notes

2012, 03:58 minutes, colour, English or French version available

Paper Moon Cardboard Sea

2011, 01:12 minutes, Colour, English

MPB Earth

2008, 6:34, English

Passion as Fashion

2008, 00:56 minutes, Colour, English

Jellyfish Philosophy

2008, 01:35 minutes, Colour, English

The Renovation

2007, 05:00 minutes

Monster: A Mystery

2006, 05:10 minutes

Bye Bye Three-Quarter Inch

2004, 06:40 minutes

Time Travel In This Moment

2004, 18:00 minutes


2003, 07:25 minutes

Pilgrim's Progress

2002, 04:00 minutes, colour, English


2002, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

The Principal Dancer

2000, 06:30 minutes, colour

Montreal, A Dream / Montreal, Un Reve

1990, 09:00 minutes, colour, English and French Subtitles

Alchemy: End of a Phase

1987, 07:00 minutes, colour, English


1986, 07:00 minutes, colour, English

Critical Writing

Videopoetry Vol. 1
by Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc. Small Walker Press, 2020.
Videopoetry Vol. 2
by Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc. Small Walker Press, 2020.
Art at 30 frames per second
by Ceiran Bishop. DOSE, June 10, 2005.
Prairie Tales
by Cathie LeBlanc and Leslea Kroll. FAVASCOPE, 2005.