Nahed Mansour

Nahed Mansour’s works often combine video, performance, and installation. Most recently she has taken up notions of mimicry in popular entertainment, specifically producing work that speaks to physicality, performance, and power relations between generations, genders, and races. Working with personal, historic, and popular archives her works center on dancers and singers who become apertures for thinking about the ways in which racial identities are performed and negotiated in the globally hybrid post-colonial present. Her work aims to expose the ways the work of racialized bodies is often exploited for the entertainment of viewing publics.

Artist Code: 1056


Satellite Telefizyoon

2013, 05:00 minutes, colour, Arabic with English Subtitles


2010, 06:00 minutes, B&W, Arabic/English

High Yellow

2010, 04:50 minutes, colour, English

Instead of Saying I Wish

2009, 03:25 minutes, colour, Arabic with English Subtitles

Archiving Voice

2009, 04:15 minutes, colour, Arabic


2009, 03:05 minutes, B&W, Silent


2008, 10:15 minutes, colour, Arabic

Critical Writing

Exiled at Home
by Amin Alsaden. Toronto: Vtape, 2022.
Curatorial Incubator v. 13: The Job of Life
by Lisa Steele. Toronto: Vtape, 2016.
Streams, Torrents, and Waves
by Nahed Mansour. South Asian Visual Arts Centre, 2013.
The Object That Remains
by Ayesha Hameed. South Asian Visual Arts Centre, 2011.
Palestine Represents: 2nd Annual Palestine Film Festival
by Nahed Mansour and Leila Pourtavaf. Fuse, 2010, v. 33, no. 1.