Julie Zando

Julie Zando is a videomaker living in Buffalo New York. She is the former Director of Squeaky Wheel film and Video Coalition and editor the The Squealer. She has also taught at the Universtiy of California at San Diego. Zando's work has been featured at the Museum of Modern Art "Video Viewpoints Series", the 1988 AFI Video Festival and at the 1988 Manifestation Internationale Video Festival de Montbeliard. Zando exploits the raw and edgy properties of video 8 with potent results while investigating the intermingling issues of power relations, sexual identity and desire.

Artist Code: 022


The Apparent Trap

1999, 20:00 minutes, B&W, English

Uh Oh!

1994, 38:00 minutes, colour, English

The Bus Stops Here

1990, 27:00 minutes, B&W, English

The A Ha! Experience

1988, 04:30 minutes, colour, English

Let's Play Prisoners

1988, 22:00 minutes, B&W, English

Hey Bud

1987, 10:36 minutes, colour, English

I Like Girls For Friends

1987, 02:26 minutes, B&W/colour, English

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