Antonio Muntadas

The amount of media characterizing contemporary society is astonishing it its varitey and scale. The glut is so pervasive that many of us, while interacting with media, are neither conscious of its power nor discerning of its influence. Internalizing and personalizing this flood of daily information, Antonio Muntadas has for the last decade produced works which interpret a broad spectrum of the effects of media upon each of us and upon society as a whole. His videotapes have a cutting edge which separates the avowed informational and entertainment purposes of the various media from those of profit and propaganda to reveal poitical and sociological import. Muntadas shows us a land of manipulation [particularly so in POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT, edited with Marshall Reese], art tension and coincidence, and makes it possible for us to see and understand the media landscape we inhabit. Muntadas orchestrates, as the media does, an environment in which we are all the players.
Description from Video Data Bank.


Political Advertisement VI: 1952-2004

2004, 75:00 minutes, colour, English

Political Advertisement III (The Fifties - 1992)

1992, 60:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English

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