Jane Wright

Jane Wright was born in Montreal, Quebec and lives in northern Ontario. She has worked in both technical and production positions in community cable television and at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She retired after eighteen years as Professor, Media Arts Department, Sheridan College, Oakville, ON. Jane holds a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology from McGill University, a Diploma in the Social Sciences from the University of Stockholm, and an M.A. from the School of Communication, Simon Fraser University. Jane is a Quaker and served for ten years with Christian Peacemaker Teams on violence reduction projects in Burnt Church, NB; Baghdad, Iraq; Kenora, ON; Uganda, and most recently in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Jane is a mother of two daughters and grandmother of four.

Artist Code: 006


Imaginary Landscapes

1991, 22:00 minutes, colour/B&W, English

Beach, Dog, Car, You, Happy, Sex

1984, 30:00 minutes, colour, silent

This Is What (Sculpture for theatre by Noel Harding)

1984, 26:00 minutes, colour, English

Our Choice, A Tape About Teenage Mothers

1983, 37:00 minutes, colour, English

The Mississippi Tapes: 1 to 6

1983, 180:00 minutes, colour, English

Lake Huron Birds (take 3)

1982, 10:00 minutes, colour, English


1980, 24:00 minutes, B&W, English

Street: Winter

1978, 24:00 minutes, B&W, English

Westinghouses (Arts Seen Theme)

1976, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

Electronic Sunsets 25

1974, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

Electronic Sunsets 21

1974, 08:00 minutes, colour, English

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