Fraser Finlayson

Fraser Finlayson (1950 - 2011) worked as a professional entertainer for over 15 years recording, writing and occasionally acting in video and feature films in Canada and the U.S.

Schooled in journalism at University of Western Ontario, he was interested in subliminal marketing and farce.

From 1966-1999, he continued his interest in music. He recently Executive Produced a CD compilation on the music of slain musician Ron Hedland. Fraser performed at the "Ponderosa Stomp" in both Memphis and New Orleans in the mid '90's. In the last ten years, Finlayson continued to write, on-air music DJ for "Funky Friday's" on CIUT, performed at "The Ponderosa Stomp" in Memphis and New Orleans. He was recently featured in a historical exhibition about the Toronto Art Scene at the AGO.

Artist Code: 160


Come Fly With Sonny Day

1984, 10:20 minutes, colour, English

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