Kate Craig

KATE CRAIG (1947-2002) Kate Craig was born in Victoria, British Columbia and lived in Vancouver since the early 1970s, traveling widely throughout the world and spending summers at Storm Bay on the Sechelt Inlet. Since 1975, her work has been presented at venues throughout North America, Europe and Asia. A founding director of the artist-run centre, the Western Front Society, Craig initiated the Western Front’s artist-in-residence program in 1977. She has been instrumental in producing video works for a number of the Front’s visiting artists. Over the past two decades Kate Craig has developed an international reputation for her video and performance based art. Craig’s attention to surface — as seen in her depictions of the human body, the porous face of a rock, the shimmering surface of a body of water or her investigation of the boundary between the contemplative space of the gallery and the structured chaos of the surrounding urban landscape — is central to her art. Together with performance artist Hank Bull, she has presented performances and videoworks worldwide. Craig's work has been widely exhibited , including Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Paris Bienalle, 1980.

Artist Code: 011



1986, 16:47 minutes, colour, English

Straight Jacket

1980, 07:00 minutes, colour, English

Delicate Issue

1979, 12:30 minutes, colour, English

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