Gunilla Josephson

Swedish born artist Gunilla Josephson lives and works in Toronto, Canada, since 1990.
She holds a BA in Social Sciences, and MFA from Stockholm University and Stockholm College of Art and Design respectively. Josephson’s art practice has evolved through scenography, to installations involving super8 film projections on linen and grass, to sculpture using wax, felt and latex, and the last 13 years to video and its installation.

Letting the material decide the form, Josephson consistently works in a way that exploits unbridled emotion with the aim to challenge the accepted conventions of art as an entertainment that is well behaved. She explores elements of womanhood seen through the limitations, expansions, distortions, truths and lies of a complex looking glass, created mainly from time, memory and personal experience. From the actions of the characters (or performers) to her own use of the camera and later in the editing process she disrupts the norms, constructing resistances to the tyranny of orthodoxy.

Selected exhibitions: Cinéma de la Plage, Hauteville sur Mer, France; Mac Donald Stewart Art Centre, (solo) Guelph, Ontario; Toronto Images Festival/Trinity Square Video (solo); Festival les Boréales, St Lo/Caen, France (solo); The Box salon (solo), Toronto;
Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal (solo); SAAG, Lethbridge (solo), Alberta, Canada; Swedish Cultural Centre in Paris (solo), Toronto Images Festival; Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, France (solo); Sydney Film Festival, Australia; International Cinematheque, Wellington, New Zealand; Pleasure Dome, Toronto; Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada; Herland film and video festival, Calgary; SAW Video, Ottawa; South London Art Gallery, London, UK; 25 March 2002 Free Speech TV, Boulder, Colorado; Kino Xenix, Zurich, Switzerland; Diagonale, Graz, Austria; MSVU Art Gallery, Halifax; Oberhausen International Shortfilm Festival, Germany; Art System Centre for New Media, Toronto (solo); Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Germany; Moving Pictures, Toronto; Winnipeg Film Group. Manitoba; Hull Centre for Time Based Art, UK; Videographe, Montreal; LUX Cinema, London, UK; Independents, Cinematheque Ontario; Goethe Institute, Toronto; Massage v 5.0, Web Video Broadcast, Washington DC, USA; Gallery Leena Kuumola. Helsinki, /Finland (solo); Femmedia, The Independent Film and Video Festival. Stockholm, Sweden.

Some residencies, awards: Nordic Arts Centre, Bergen, Norway, centro scientifico y artistico Rome, Italy, Oberhausen International Shortfilm Festival Prize (Germany), Canada Council Paris Studio, Cité Internationales des Arts, Paris, France.

2005-2010 Board member Charles Street Video, Toronto
2007- Founding member and Director TRIENNAL[e] MMsM, France
Other distribution: Filmform, Stockholm, Sweden,

Artist Code: 645



2009, 19:00 minutes, colour, English, w/ subtitles in: English, French, or Swedish

E.V.E. Absolute Matrix

2009, 48:00 minutes, colour, sound

Love Is Not Enough

2007, 10:17 minutes, B&W, sound

Twinning 15 (Milk Maids)

2007, 02:30 minutes, colour, N/A, Sound

The Blood-Red Heart of Johanna Darke

2006, 98:00 minutes, colour, english/french

Twinning Series

2004, 12:20 minutes, colour, English & Swedish

Pojken: A Guest In Reality

2002, 04:50 minutes, colour, silent


2002, 01:00 minutes, colour

The Apple Videos 1 - 13

2002, 18:36 minutes, colour

The Apple Videos: Bored Apple Commits Suicide

2001, 07:06 minutes, colour, Swedish

I Have a Typewriter in My Head

2001, 02:03 minutes, colour, English

How to be a Woman

2001, 05:10 minutes, colour, English, Swedish

Venus Hedda A Video & Audio Installation

2001, 60:00 minutes, colour

Happy House: The id, the Kid and the Little Red Fireman. A Clean Sweep

2001, 18:00 minutes, colour, Swedish / Gibberish


2001, 03:26 minutes, colour

Hello Ingmar

2000, 07:00 minutes, colour/B&W, Swedish/English

(Loco)motive Series: The HEDDA Videos

2000, 20:30 minutes, colour

The Apple Videos : No Title (Äpplen)

1999, 60:00 minutes, colour

Mox Nox In R.E.M.

1998, 03:00 minutes, colour

Three Follies

1998, 06:09 minutes, colour

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