Kim Tomczak

Kim Tomczak is a multidisciplinary artist primarily known for his work in performance, photography, video and photo/text work. Since 1983, he has worked exclusively in collaboration with Lisa Steele. They have received numerous grants and awards, including the Bell Canada prize for excellence in Video Art, a Toronto Arts Award and in 2005, a Governor General’s Award for lifetime achievement in Visual & Media Arts.

Major public art commissions awarded to the two include Love Squared, screened on the video board at Yonge & Dundas in Toronto and Watertable, a light and sound installation that marks the original shoreline of Lake Ontario.

Tomczak is a co-founder of Vtape, a Toronto media arts centre and taught at the University of Toronto in the Department of Visual Studies.

Most recently, Steele + Tomczak have been exhibited in Instanbul at Akbank Sanat (
Metamorphoz) and Sophia, Bulgaria at the Central Bath (Opening the Closed Shops). In February 2009, their 4-channel video installation work "Becoming…" was featured in the Berlin Film Festival, Forum Expanded. Fall 2009 exhibitions include: a major installation, Speak City, featured in TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), photo-text works from 2003-9 The funniest thing... at Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, photo series from the 1970s at VMAC Gallery. A major survey of their photo and video work opened at the Wharf Centre d'art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie in January 2010. In June 2010, their video installation work is included in Empire of Dreams at MOCCA in Toronto.

Artist Code: 038


Falling Up

2007, 06:05 minutes, colour, English (text only)

Free Speech - installation

2006, 01:35 minutes, colour, Silent; English & French Text

Make Love Not War - installation

2003, 02:10 minutes, colour, Silent; English & French Text

Practicing Death

2003, 03:13 minutes, colour, silent

We're Getting Younger All The Time

2001, 20:05 minutes, colour, silent

Power - installation

1998, 01:56 minutes, colour, Silent; English & French Text

Stand Up - installation

1998, 01:32 minutes, colour, silent

Blood - installation

1998, 01:31 minutes, colour, Silent

The Blood Records written and annotated

1997, 49:20 minutes, B&W & colour, English & French

Legal Memory

1992, 79:49 minutes, colour, B&W, English

White Dawn

1988, 09:05 minutes, colour, English / French

Private Eyes

1987, 18:29 minutes, colour, English

See Evil

1985, 28:08 minutes, colour, English

Paradise Lost

1981, 23:18 minutes, colour, English

Vancouver Canada Or They Chant Fed Up

1980, 23:00 minutes, colour, English

A Demonstration of The Fear of Pain

1980, 14:00 minutes, colour, English

One Hundred Years of Aggression

1979, 18:32 minutes, colour, English

Herman Nitsche At The Western Front

1978, 05:00 minutes, colour, English

Everything is Illusion Except Power

1978, 04:30 minutes, colour, English

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