Vera Frenkel

Vera Frenkel, one of Canada's most renowned multidisciplinary artists, lives and works in Toronto. Respected both internationally and at home, her installations, videotapes, performances and new media projects address the forces at work in human migration, the learning and unlearning of cultural memory, and the ever-increasing bureaucratiz ation of experience.

Her work has been seen at documenta IX (Kassel); the Setagaya Art Museum (Tokyo); the National Gallery of Canada; the Museum of Modern Art (New York); Tate Britain; the Venice Biennale, the Freud Museum (London), and the Martin Gropius Bau Museum (Berlin), among other key venues. Recent exhibitions include Body Missing (Altaussee Salt Mine, Austria); ONCE NEAR WATER: Notes from the Scaffolding Archive (13th Shanghai Biennale, China); (EM/Media, Calgary); Vera Frenkel: Cartographie d'une pratique |Mapping a Practice (SBC Gallery, Montréal); Exchange and Evolution (Long Beach Museum of Art, California). In demand as a speaker and visiting artist, Frenkel's writings have appeared in anthologies such as Penser l'indiscipline (Eds. Lynn Hughes, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Concordia University/Optica, 2003), Museums after Modernism (Eds. Griselda Pollock, Joyce Zemans, Blackwell, 2007), and Vera Frenkel (Monograph, Ed. Sigrid Schade, Hatje Cantz, Berlin, 2013), in publications such as artscanada, Art Monthly, Canadian Art, FUSE, intermédialités, n.paradoxa and Public. Recipient of honorary doctorates from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and Emily Carr University, Vancouver, and of major awards including the Bell Canada Award for Video Art, the 2006 Governor Gerneral's Award in Visual and Media Arts, and the 2007 iDMAa (International Digital Media & Arts Association) Award, Vera Frenkel has been inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada: Academies of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences, a rare honour for an artist.

Artist Code: 122


The Blue Train

2012, 09:00 minutes, colour

Body Missing, The Website

1995, colour, English, French and German

Body Missing (also 6 channel installation of 6 tapes, each 6:00)

1994, 36:00 minutes, colour, English, German

The Transit Bar at Documenta IX, June - Sept. 1992

1992, 23:00 minutes, colour, English, German

"... from the Transit Bar"

1992, 32:00 minutes, colour, Yiddish, Polish

This Is Your Messiah Speaking

1990, 09:10 minutes, colour, English

Lost Art: A Cargo Cult Romance

1986, 28:00 minutes, colour, English

The Last Screening Room: A Valentine

1984, 44:00 minutes, colour, English

Stories from The Front (& The Back): A True Blue Romance

1981, 60:01 minutes, colour, English

Signs of a Plot: A Text, True Story & Work of Art

1978, 60:01 minutes, colour, English

Introduction to Some of the Players

1977, 22:00 minutes, colour, English

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