Richard Fung

Richard Fung is a Toronto-based videomaker and writer. His tapes, which explore the intersection of race, sexuality and representation, have been widely screened and collected internationally, and his essays on cultural policy and politics have been published in many journals and anthologies. Richard frequently programs film and video, and has served on the boards and committees of many organizations. He has lectured and taught across North America and is the recipient of many awards, including Rockefeller and McKnight Foundation fellowships, The 2000 Margo Bindhardt Award and most recently The Bell Canada award for excellence in media arts.

Recent articles include:
Chinese (Dis)connections: Documentary Realities and Diasporic Imperative, Uncompromising Positions: Antiracism, Anticensorship and the Visual Arts, and Colouring the Screen: Four strategies in Anti-racist Film and Video.

Currently teaching at the Ontario College of Art & Design.


Nang by Nang

2018, 40:18 minutes, colour, English

Re:Orientations Master

2016, 68:00 minutes, colour, English, also available Closed Captioned

Dal Puri Diaspora

2012, 80:25 minutes, colour, English, Bhojpuri , English subtitles,Closed Captions

Rex vs. Singh

2009, 29:38 minutes, colour, English

Uncomfortable: The Art of Christopher Cozier

2005, 47:38 minutes, colour, English


2002, 08:45 minutes, colour, English

Sea in the Blood

2000, 26:00 minutes, colour, English

School Fag

1998, 16:35 minutes, colour, English

Dirty Laundry

1996, 30:30 minutes, colour, English

Out of the Blue

1991, 28:00 minutes, colour, English

Fighting Chance

1990, 31:00 minutes, colour, English

Steam Clean

1990, 03:30 minutes, colour, multi-lingual with EN s/t

My Mother's Place

1990, 49:00 minutes, colour, English

Safe Place - A Videotape for Refugee Rights in Canada

1989, 32:00 minutes, colour, English

The Way To My Father's Village

1988, 38:00 minutes, colour, English

Chinese Characters

1986, 20:30 minutes, colour, English

Orientations: Lesbian & Gay Asians

1985, 56:00 minutes, colour, English

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