David Askevold

David Askevold was born on March 30th 1940 in Conrad, Montana. He studied art and anthropology at the University of Montana and in 1963 won a Max Beckmann Scholarship to study painting for a year at the Brooklyn Museum School of Art in New York. He enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1966 to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture. His artwork moved through a multi-disciplinary trajectory using text, photography, video, performance and most recently digital imaging. His media work relies on happenstance and collaboration with a sensitivity to the supernatural, the unexplained and the barely visible.

Beginning in 1968, David taught at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD University) where he developed and led the innovative Projects Class that involved international conceptual artists. This class was important in forging NSCAD’s reputation as one of the leading conceptual art schools in North America. In the late 70s and early 80s he taught at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California, as well as at CalArts in Valencia and at UC/Irvine. David’s contributions as an artist and teacher influenced many artists through his active engagement with interdisciplinary media practices. He died on January 23rd, 2008 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Artist Code: 269


Two Hanks

2003, 25:30 minutes, colour, English

Lipstick for the Border

2002, 13:48 minutes, colour, English

Cultural Geographies & Finn Slough

1995, 17:00 minutes, colour

Don't Eat Crow

1994, 29:00 minutes, colour, English

Sixteen Candles

1991, 11:00 minutes, B&W, English

Six Fifty

1989, 22:00 minutes, colour, English

How Long Have You Known Barbara?

1987, 21:40 minutes, colour, English

Honky Tonkin

1986, 06:49 minutes, colour

1/4 Moon

1986, 08:40 minutes, colour, English

Husker Du "Makes No Sense at All" & "Love is All Around"

1985, 04:30 minutes, colour, English

Jumped Out

1985, 12:00 minutes, English

Family Reunion (Excerpt)

1983, 05:53 minutes, colour, English


1982, 06:50 minutes, English

Bliss D.F.²

1979, 06:30 minutes, colour, English

Very Soon You Will, with Carol Williams

1977, 28:00 minutes, colour, English

Green Willow For Delaware

1974, 14:54 minutes, B&W, English

My Recall Of An Imprint From A Hypothetical Jungle

1973, 05:30 minutes, B&W, English

It’s No Use Crying

1972, 03:30 minutes, B&W, English

Learning About Cars and Chocolates

1972, 20:30 minutes, colour, english

Door of Perception (Excerpt)

1972, B&W, English


1970, 03:21 minutes, B&W


1970, 08:00 minutes, B&W, English

Nova Scotia Fires

1969, 02:30 minutes, B&W, English

John Todd and His Songs (Excerpt)

18:00 minutes, colour, English

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