John Greyson

John Greyson is Toronto video/film artist and pioneer of the new queer cinema. An associate professor in film production at York University, he was awarded the Toronto Arts Award for Film/Video, 2000, and the Bell Canada Video Art Award in 2007.

Since 1984, his many hybrid features, shorts and transmedia works have explored such queer activist issues as police violence, prison, AIDS activism, solidarity, homo-nationalism and apartheid (both South African and Israeli). These include International Dawn Chorus Day (2021), Mercurial (2018), Gazonto (2016), Murder in Passing (2013), Fig Trees (2009), Lilies (1996), Zero Patience (1993), The Making of Monsters (1991) and Urinal (1989). His videos/films have won 4 Teddys, 5 Canadian Screen Awards (Genies), over 30 Best Film Prizes at international festivals such as Locarno, Berlin, TIFF, London and San Francisco, and are the subject of the critical anthology The Perils of Pedagogy: The Works of John Greyson (Longfellow/ McKenzie/ Waugh, 2013). He teaches in York University's Cinema & Media Arts department, was a member of the Blah Blah Blah and Olive Project media collectives, co-edited Queer Looks: Perspectives on Lesbian & Gay Film & Video (1993), co-produced the cable series Toronto Living with AIDS (1991) and is currently producing the AIDS activist media project Viral Interventions (2021-24).

Artist Code: 021


Photo Booth

2022, 110:00 minutes, English

International Dawn Chorus Day

2021, 15:14 minutes, English with English subtitles


2014, 05:00 minutes, no language, English captions

Prison Arabic in 50 Days

2013, 04:30 minutes, colour, Arabic and English

Green Laser

2012, 15:25 minutes, colour, English

The Ballad of Roy and Silo

2011, 06:00 minutes, colour, English

Captifs d'Amour

2010, 05:14 minutes, B&W, No language

Rex vs. Singh

2009, 29:38 minutes, colour, English


2009, 14:00 minutes, colour, English, Bosnian (with subtitles)

Fig Trees

2009, 104:00 minutes, colour, English

On Message

2006, 09:14 minutes, Colour, English

Motet for Amplified Voices

2004, 05:00 minutes, Colour, English

Motet for Zackie

2003, 08:00 minutes, Colour, English


2003, 05:00 minutes, Colour, English

"FIG TREES (The sixth room)"

2001, 06:00 minutes, colour, English


2001, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

This is Nothing

1999, 08:00 minutes, colour, English,


1998, 05:35 minutes, colour, English


1997, 90:00 minutes, colour, English

After the Bath

1995, 45:00 minutes, colour, English

Zero Patience

1994, 85:00 minutes, colour, English

No Way Charlie Brown

1990, 15:00 minutes, colour, English

The Pink Pimpernel

1989, 32:00 minutes, colour, English

The World Is Sick (sic)

1989, 38:00 minutes, colour, English


1988, 100:00 minutes, English (available with French subtitles)

The ADS Epidemic

1987, 04:00 minutes, colour, English

You Taste American

1986, 24:00 minutes, colour, English

Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers

1986, 27:00 minutes, colour, English

To Pick is not to Choose

1985, 45:00 minutes, colour, English

Kipling Meets the Cowboys

1985, 21:56 minutes, colour, English

The Jungle Boy

1985, 15:30 minutes, colour, English

The Perils of Pedagogy

1984, 04:58 minutes, colour, English

Breathing Through Opposing Nostrils

1982, 35:00 minutes, colour, English

The First Draft

1980, 40:00 minutes, colour, English

The Visitation

1980, 40:00 minutes, colour, English

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