The Clichettes

The Clichettes were active in Toronto from 1978 to 1992. With choreography in their collective backgrounds, Louise Garfield, Janice Hladki and Johanna Householder came together to form The Clichettes, a highly suspect girl-group which used lip-sync as a vehicle for political satire. Throughout the 80s they performed at countless benefits and art events.They developed four feature-length theatrical extravaganzas: Half- Human, Half-Heartache (1980), She-Devils of Niagara (1985), Up Against the Wallpaper (1988/89) and Out for Blood (1990), all of which received popular and critical acclaim for their bizarre blend of pop culture spoof and sci-fi feminism laced with a high camp aesthetic. In 1984, The Clichettes won the National Lip-Sync Championships in Houston, Texas.


Go to Hell

1986, 02:15 minutes, colour, English

She Devils of Niagara: Act 2

1985, colour, English

She Devils of Niagara: Act 1

1985, colour, English

Critical Writing

Fuse, 1985, v. 9, no. 4.